American Horror Story: Roanoke Chapter 7 Recap

I know I’m being repetitive as hell, but man I love this season. The format, the characters, the story, the suspense: it finally all works. We spent the first half of the season in a creepy, tension-filled story and I was worried the twist last week would ruin it all, but this is a reset button that works. The second half of the season is a new-ish format (all found footage now) and is a fun bloodbath. The jokes and the camp and the nonsense work when you have actors and reality show contestants as the characters, and the first half was so uncharacteristically restrained that it doesn’t feel like overkill. Man, I love this season.

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American Horror Story: Roanoke Chapter 6 Recap

This is the one we’ve been waiting for, folks! The big ‘twist’ is here. Last week’s episode seemingly wrapped up My Roanoke Nightmare and this week revealed we’re onto the sequel: Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell.

The re-enacted first half of the series was a self-contained miniseries that blew up, made a ton of money and won awards for its actors, and now the producers are ready to make a bigger, better sequel: the real life Matt, Shelby and Lee are headed back to the farmhouse with the actors who played their counterparts in the series to stay in the house during the Blood Moon. The producers are rigging the house with traps and scares and lots of booze, hoping they all freak out, fight and finally expose the truth about Mason’s murder, an “unresolved plot point” from the first season that’s heavy on everyone’s minds. Sign me up.

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Scream Queens Season Two Recap: Halloween Blues

I guess it really happened, folks: Chad Radwell is actually dead. Not fake out dead, not looks dead but will come back to life five episodes later, not faking his own death to skip out on the wedding. Chad is gone. Chanel is devastated and promptly changes into her Jackie O outfit to grieve properly. She’s not the only one missing Chad (no, I don’t mean me). Denise Hemphill needs a moment alone with Chad’s body where she reminisces about the wild, sexy times they had re-enacting Brokeback Mountain. She vows to avenge Chad’s spirit by finally catching the killer.

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American Horror Story: Roanoke Chapter 5 Recap

The much-hyped twist is set to come next week and, well, it needs to. This episode ends in a head scratcher, and we know something else must be coming.

For once, we don’t start where we last left off. This week takes us way back to the start – the farmhouse’s original owner, Edward Phillipe Mott (Evan Peters). Mott is building a house in the middle of the forest to get away from everyone except his large art collection and his lover/servant. There is tragedy throughout the building of the house, according to the historian in the talking head interview, with several people dying during construction.

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Scream Queens Season Two Recap: Handidates

This week’s episode gave us a little more mystery, a few new clues and one (possibly) shocking and tragic death. But it is Scream Queens, so one can never be sure.

Picking up where we left off, poor wart-covered Tyler has been murdered and the Chanels have a new killer on their hands. #5 is blamed, of course, and I think the writers took the “Chanel #5 is the worst” criticism from last season and put it into the mouth of Chanel. She’s constantly telling #5 she’s stupid, awful, ugly, etc. and it’s getting old pretty darn fast, especially with no one else around to bear the brunt of Chanel’s ire. Maybe Grace was good for something after all?

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American Horror Story: Roanoke Chapter 4 Recap

We’re four weeks into American Horror Story and only two episodes away from the “game-changing” twist creator Ryan Murphy keeps teasing. Things are progressing nicely on the show, with character reveals that make sense and the stakes keep escalating. Think it’ll all go to hell in two episodes? Who knows!

Chapter 4 starts again right where last week left off: Shelby called the cops on Lee as revenge for Lee and Matt agreeing to destroy the house in exchange for Flora, and Matt banging the forest witch played by Lady Gaga.

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10 Best Podcasts for Movie Fans

When did podcasts get so huge? What was once a niche market is now the go-to type of media. Thousands of podcasts are consumed daily, with topics from everything from true crime, science, politics, history and, of course, movies. As a serious film lover, I try to take in as much as I can, from print magazines, reviews, criticisms, books and obviously podcasts. There’s a lot to wade through, so I’ve rounded up my absolute favourite movie podcasts that are worth a listen.

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