NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened May 27 – June 2

John Oliver and Samantha Bee keep you up to date with all the news of the week, but what about the real news? The important stuff? The news that matters? Like, what horror movies got release dates? That’s what I’m about now.

Wonder Woman is here and I  need to see it

Unlike the rest of the planet (it seems), I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet. But those who have are raving. Apparently this is the best DC movie by far (not saying too much, really) and one of the better comic movies to come out, period. The Rotten Tomatoes score is one of the genre’s highest (again, not saying too much) and Petty Jenkins is already signed on for the sequel. It’d be great if she had been given the reigns of Justice League, too, but with her and Joss the new leaders of the DCEU, I can’t really complain much.

🚨Evans Peters has blue hair🚨
Possibly the most important news of the week! American Horror Story season seven is currently filming, and Ryan Murphy has already informed us it’ll be reliving the horrors of the 2016 election. Great, just what we need more of! (Personally, I’m betting we’ll get a cult/illuminati story underneath a political never). AHS favourite Evan Peters is back and appeared on set with a black eye, a sling and blue hair. Not ‘Seth Green as Scott Evil weird childhood crush of mine’ blue hair, but like, long pastel blue.


It’s weird, but I’m still into it. Peters is probably playing a Milo/Richard Spencer type, which I’m less into.

Godzilla vs King Kong is coming
Adam Wingard is going to direct Godzilla vs King Kong! This is a mixed bag of emotions, personally. Do I think Godzilla vs King Kong could be good? Yeah, absolutely! Do I think it could be terrible? Also yes. Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla was very good but doesn’t lend itself to this kind of mash-up. The sequel (being done without Edwards) could push it further into this direction for sure, but Kong: Skull Island was so forgettable I honestly thought “is it supposed to be Peter Jackson’s Kong?” for about five minutes. Wingard could come in and do his own thing, regardless of what the foundation for this Legendary Pictures monster movie universe is, but I’m less sure of what Wingard’s thing is these days. I’m still a big fan of his, but his indie fare (You’re Next, The Guest) is way more interesting than the Blair Witch remake, and Death Note looks… fine. Jury’s out on this one.

Sense8 is cancelled, so is Netflix
Dear Netflix: what are you thinking? Sense8 is one of the most creative, unique, fun, heartwarming and engaging shows out there right now, and it’s also high-concept sci-fi that is completely inclusive: race-wise, sexuality-wise, gender-wise, country of orgin-wise… when was the last time you saw a transwoman in a biracial lesbian relationship take on a shady government organization? Diversity isn’t the only thing that makes this show good, but it makes its cancellation both hot on the heels of The Get Down and right at the start of Pride Month feel like a gut-punch.

Losing both those shows back to back might prove once and for all Netflix isn’t the savior we want it to be: two original, creative, bold and gutsy shows from filmmakers with a real vision got the axe. Marvel show #34592 coming soon.

Rue Morgue is speaking my language
I’m a movie and TV kind of girl, mostly, but I’m also an avid reader. Rue Morgue is my horror magazine of choice and this month they’ve published a special edition devoted to women in horror, written almost entirely by women.


I’m a woman and I love horror, and I love the women in horror, and I love other women who love horror. This genre isn’t always kind to us, but it’s also given us some of the strongest and most iconic female roles of all time. I’m always excited for a celebration of women in horror, and bonus: this mag is insightful and well-written and totally worth the $10.

Preacher season 2 is coming & it looks like what season 1 should have been
The trailer dropped for season two of AMC’s Preacher, and it looks like… Preacher.

The unholy trio are on the road! The comics got to this point pretty early, but for whatever reason, the show decided to wait a bit before getting to the road trip part. Overall, the show looks good and I’m ready for more Tulip + Cassidy in my life! (And Jesse too, I guess). With AHS and The Exorcist still a ways away, and my beloved Scream Queens gone forever, Preacher is my only horror show at the moment and I’m ready for it to come back.

And that’s all the cool, sci-fi and horror happenings that caught my eye this week! Check back next week for more goings-on in the geek world.


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