NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened June 3 – 9

Week two of me recapping sci-fi/horror goings-on, and week two of that including an update on Evan Peter’s hair. But first,

Black Panther looks incredible

Black Panther is coming! This has probably the most stacked cast of any Marvel movie (Chadwick Boseman Lupita Nyong’o Michael B Jordan Danai Gurira Forest Whittaker Angela Basset etc etc etc) and a great director behind it (Ryan Coogler), so I’ve been hyped for a while. The trailer is definitely not what I had been expecting — it’s so colourful! And sci-fi! — but I’m into it. It looks like the crazy, colourful, futuristic vibe of Guardians and Thor: Ragnorak is the new vibe of the MCU, and it’s a welcome one. Black Panther looks rad so far, I’m into it.

Wonder Woman is here to save the day
Speaking of things I’m into! Wonder Woman was great and slayed the box office and thank god! Patty Jenkins, do the sequel now? And maybe take over the DCEU? Who knew that hiring talented directors who are passionate about the subject will pay off!

Evans Peters has purple hair now?
He just had blue hair for American Horror Story and now it’s purple? Does it have anything to do with his character or is he just experimenting? How long am I going to document his changing hair, search for AHS clues? The world may never know.

The Babadook is gaythe-babadook-gay-pride.jpg
I’m not one to jump on an internet meme, but one that centres on horror characters is definitely going to catch my eye. The Babadook, the monster from Jennifer Kent’s amazing 2014 film of the same name, is a gay icon now. Why? Don’t bother worrying about that, just enjoy the ride. Shout out to whoever is rocking the Babadook costumes at Pride this year!

Why is the Misfits remake happening?
About a week ago, a co-worker and I were discussing American remakes and I mentioned that there was once plans for a remake of Misfits, which thankfully never happened. This week, they announced it’s happening. I would like to apologize to everyone for accidentally jinxing things, putting this (probably bad) idea back out into the world.

I love Misfits. I’ve watched it multiple times, admittedly the first few seasons more than the last (although I love Rudy more than possibly anything). I have no idea how they’re going to recapture the magic of that show so my only hope is that they don’t try? Just take the idea of “super-powered delinquents” and try to make it funny in its own way.

Did anyone even see The Mummy
I haven’t seen The Mummy, but it’s being called the worst movie of Tom Cruise’s career. As someone who’s seen Vanilla Sky, I highly doubt that.

This movie is supposed to be the start of some monster movie shared universe, which sounds absolutely mental. Do we need Dr Jekyll recruiting monsters ala the Avengers? Does the Mummy need to team up with the Wolfman? Maybe if they leaned into the B-movie origins and made these fun, dumb films (like Freddy vs Jason) I could get into it. But so far, these movies don’t look fun, just dumb.


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