Nerdy News: Cool things that happened June 10 – 17

Lots of interesting movie news happened this week, which helped make up for (or at least distract from) the very sad real life news.

American Horror Story Halloween maze

YASSSS. Universal Studios in Hollywood does extreme haunted mazes for Halloween, and this year they’re doing it all American Horror Story: Roanoke themed. As a major Roanoke fan (best season yet, even if the finale was a let down), this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Think I can organize an October trip to California? Anyone interested?

The Book of Henry is apparently The Room levels of bad
Colin Trevorrow is probably the most interesting figure in film right now, in terms or career trajectory. He directed one well-received indie film (Saftey Not Guaranteed, a film I found incredibly underwhelming), then immediately got handed the keys to the kingdom with one massive, record breaking but critically panned blockbuster (Jurassic World, a film I found absolutely abysmal) and the final film in the new Star Wars Trilogy.

Compared to someone like Patty Jenkins, a respected director who fought for years to get the chance to make Wonder Woman, Trevorrow got is pretty easy. It’s the personification of white male privilege, made all the more clear when you realize he’s actually a bad director.

Anyway, his new movie The Book of Henry is out this weekend and reviews are saying it’s absolutely dreadful and likely to be a major flop. Any chance we’ll get a different Star Wars director?

There’s going to be yet another Conjuring spinoff
The Conjuring is getting another spin-off. The first Conjuring was good and introduced the creepy Annabelle doll, which was spun off into two awful movies. Now the Conjuring 2’s creepy spirit, the nun, is getting her own movie aptly called The Nun. Normally I would think this is a dumb idea, especially since they’re calling it the “Conjuring shared universe” which like, ew, but it’s starring Damien Bichir and Taissa Farmiga and is set in a Romanian monastery and come on, there’s some potential there.

Wait, they’re remaking Flatliners?

This is such a weird movie to remake. It’s not a beloved property with instant name recognition and it’s not something with a cool concept they could do a different take on. It’s just a pretty cool, enjoyable 90s thriller with a new cast and some CGI. Not sure what Sony is going for but I love Ellen Page and Diego Luna (obviously) so I’m in for the ride, at least.

RIP Adam West


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