NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened June 17 – 24

This week was a little TV heavy in my world, which is surprising considering how little TV I’m watching these days! But a few new shows are coming onto my radar that I might be tempted to check out.

But first,

What’s going on with the Han Solo movie?
I have never been interested in a Han Solo spin-off film for a multitude of reasons. Ranging from “I don’t care about what he did before Star Wars” to “why is this whole franchise just about the same five people.” Directors Miller & Lord are great and all, but it still wasn’t enough to get me excited, or even really interested. Now, they’ve left the film dramatically after fighting with the studio and are being replaced mid-shoot with Ron Howard. Howard’s a fine director and hopefully he can stitch something together, but yikes. All this is actually making me curious to see how the Han Solo film turns out, but not in a good way.


The New Game of Thrones trailer has all the action (a flaming sword!) and intrigue (the lone wolf dies — Jon Snow? Again?) that we’ve come to expect from the show. Once again, I just fin myself crossing my fingers and wishing this whole thing doesn’t end up being the Jon Snow Show. What a boring and uninspired ending that would be. Anyway, the show starts this July, so my disappointment will come sooner rather than later.

Star Trek: Discovery is on its way
Star Trek: Discovery has a premiere date of September 24, so my disappointment will have to wait on that one. I mean, I would love for this show to be incredible but that trailer didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

We’re rebooting Watchmen already?
Damon Lindelof is adapting Watchmen for HBO, which is something I am not sure if I should be excited for or not. I love Lost so I’ll never get on the Lindelof hate-train that many seem to occupy, and I have no strong feelings towards Zack Snyder’s Watchmen either way (well, my strongest feelings are “that sex scene was the actual worst” and “that into was amazing” so let’s just say it’s a mixed bag). Could be good, could be terrible. Once a cast starts coming on board, I’ll probably have more to go on.

Apparently I missed the Fahrenheit 451 announcement
Speaking of HBO, did you know they’re adapting Fahrenheit 451? Because I sure didn’t until this week’s casting of YouTuber Lilly Singh. The miniseries is going to star Michael B Jordan, who I love, and Michael Shannon, who I absolutely love. This is one I’m definitely looking forward to. Also, between this and Handmaid’s Tale, it’s all like our high school required reads are coming to life as prestige TV! I’m waiting for Netflix’s A Separate Peace and Amazon’s Catcher in the Rye to complete the set.

But I definitely didn’t miss the Dracula announcement
Another TV show announcement this week was a BBC miniseries for Dracula. That sounds great, no? A BBC miniseries is the perfect place to adapt a Dracula story, especially if it’s going to be set in Victorian times (please be set in Victorian times). Here’s the catch: it’s being made my Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the team behind BBC’s Sherlock. As someone who’s seen every episode of Sherlock, that’s a little worrisome. The show ranges from “absolutely amazing!” (series one and two) to “wow, really going off the rails” (series three) and finally “why I am still watching this garbage?” (everything after series three). If you announced this show in 2011 I would be so on board, but present day Moffat and Gatiss don’t exactly have my love and affection anymore. $50 says the show ends up being modern day, with genius but dickish Dracula solving crimes for some reason.


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