Preacher Season 2 Episode 1&2 Recap

Preacher is back! I never wrote about this show during its first season but FYI, I liked it. It’s not quite “best ever” material yet, but the combination of gore, violence and that grimy 90s comic aesthetic plus slapstick comedy in the style of Sam Raimi make it something I’m definitely into. Season two started this week and I’m excited to see what’s in store.

First off, season two is pretty much where the show should have started — in the comics, the trio hit the road together pretty early on. For whatever reason, AMC decided to keep the action in Annville a bit longer and only really get going in season two.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are on the road and everything’s fun and games (outrunning the police set to the tune of ‘Come on Eileen’) until the Saint of Killers shows up and annihilates an entire police force. It’s that bloody, bizarre comedy that I love: Tulip has to use human intestines to siphon gas and Cassidy (who is a vampire, in case you forgot) tries to hide under a slowly moving car, using bodies to try and jam the wheels.

Miraculously, they get away and head off to find an old family friend of Jesse’s who may be able to point them to where God might be. This friend is a fellow preacher, albeit an unconventional one – he has a girl locked in a cage to make her “give up her sins,” in this case, her phone. It’s one of the few moments that put this show in modern day. Seriously, that grimy 90s aesthetic could easily make this a period piece! Also, it may have been an easy joke, but damn if I didn’t laugh at loud at Tulip questioning why a girl was in a cage and Cassidy jumps in “I was wondering the same thing! Surely chained up in a cellar would be easier?” Oh Cassidy, you weirdo.

Mike, the old family friend, has less wisdom than Jesse was hoping. “You called heaven on a phone you stole from angels, what book was that in?” Mike’s got a point Jesse, there’s no amount of “scholarly” knowledge that will help you out with this. But Mike does have a hunch — a woman had told him she’d seen God and Mike had assumed she was just a crazy drunk, but maybe she was onto something. The trio takes off (after an uncomfortable night sharing a bed together) to find the woman, and the Saint of Killers makes his way to Mike’s house. Mike clearly has more knowledge than he lets on,because he knows who the Saint of Killers is and what he’s after. Mike stabs himself so the Saint couldn’t get any information out of him so Jesse seems safe — for now.

The trio arrives at a strip club because of course that’s where God was seen. Immediately Cassidy takes off and Jesse and Tulip go interrogate the owner abut God’s wherabouts. There’s a lot of important back and forth between Jesse and Tulip about whether or not he should use Genesis: he thinks it gets him the information he needs, she thinks it’s manipulative and exploitative and they should try other methods, like torture. At least I think that’s what happened, I was too busy watching the security monitor in the background of the screen where you see Cassidy touching a stripper, getting in trouble, fighting with a security guard, wrestling for a gun which eventually goes off and shoots through the wall into the club’s owner. Naturally. Jesse gets one piece of information about God out of her before she dies: he didn’t come to the club for a stripper, he was just a fan of the live jazz band. Do strip clubs normally have live jazz bands?

They head over to a motel and this time, Cassidy gets his own room. He watches a commercial for something called ‘the Amazing Ganesh’ while Jesse and Tulip play a weird sex game where she locks herself in the bathroom and he has to break down the door to get to her. Those crazy kids. Afterwards, Jesse heads out for a cigarette and the Saint of Killers approaches. Jesse uses Genesis to tell the Saint to stop but it doesn’t work, and he aims his gun at Jesse. And then,

Episode two!

The Saint fires and at that exact moment, a truck drives through the intersection and takes the bullet meant for Jesse, killing the driver and causing him to swerve and crash. This show is so goofy sometimes. Jesse pretty much does a double take, and then all the other motel patrons run out with guns in hand. At first I was like “Texas,” but then a helpful cutaway to a motel sign tells us a gun convention is in town. The Saint contiues walking towards Jesse, so he uses Genesis to get the gun owners to open fire. They do and it does nothing, so it’s time to run.

Jesse and Cassidy run back into the motel to get Tulip, who has just discovered Annville’s fate on the TV. It’s another great foreground/background scene, as Jesse and Tulip are staring at the TV while a full on aciton scene plays out in the window behind them. They manage to hide from the Saint in the vending machine room and are trying to pry open a window when a man whose arm had been shot off wanders in looking for a root beer. Jesse uses Genesis to get the man to shut up, and that seems to attract the Saint. He heads right towards the room, but our guys have already escaped out the window.

Now that they have a chance to breathe, Cassidy tells Jesse of his brilliant idea: the Amazing Ganesh.

In a montage set to Frank Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life,’ we see the angel Fiore arrive back on Earth after his trip to hell. He moves to a casino and tries to gamble, drink, get high and have sex to ease the pain of his angel besties death last season, but to no avail. He also keeps killing himself and coming back moments later, as angels tend to do. Eventually he kills himself during a casino performance and gets rapturous applause as if it were a magic show. Then suddenly, it is a magic show! Fiore kills himself onstage night after night to sold out crowds wearing splatter zone tarps and has now been rebranded as (you guessed it) the Amazing Ganesh.

Jesse and Cassidy head to talk to Fiore while Tulip drinks her sorrows away. Jesse tries to get Fiore to help (despite forgetting his name… yikes, Jesse) and finds out that the angels are the ones who called the Saint of Killers in the first place. Jesse thinks he has a plan: use Genesis to get Fiore to call off the Saint, but now we learn that using Genesis is how the Saint tracks them. Fiore urges Jesse to never use Genesis but Preacher’s gonna Preacher and use his awesome power whenever he feels like it. All may be lost, but Cassidy steps up. Two hours and forty-five minutes and Fiore will be on our side, he says. Jesse accepts this deal and heads off to find Tulip.

Tulip is grieving her uncle, who wasn’t much but was the only family she had left. Jesse suggests they make a new family by getting married in the casino and they agree, tentatively, and go to the chapel and wait.

Meanwhile, Cassidy decided to do heroin with Fiore. Naturally. The two get high, play basketball, build a fort, read Archie comics and fall in love – Fiore is clearly missing his “legendary” friendship with DeBlanc and felt a little bit lonely, and Cassidy’s just the guy to fill that spot. They bond, and Fiore agrees to help. Cassidy is quite the charmer, turns out.

Tulip spots a familiar face and leaves Jesse at the chapel. Up at her hotel room, she runs into the man again: his name is Gary, they know each other somehow, and he really wants her to call Viktor in New Orleans. Tulip tries to convince him not to tell Viktor where she is, but Gary’s ready to make the call himself. They fight and Tulip manages to hold her own against the literally massive Gary. She finally takes him down when Cassidy walks into the room. Now the two share another secret (the first being that they slept together last season) from Jesse. Tulip calls off the wedding.

Jesse uses Genesis to tell Fiore to “find peace” right before they hit the road again: the plan was that the Saint would come and Fiore would tell him the deal was off. However, Fiore seems miffed that Jesse is still using Genesis and tells the Saint to keep after him. And that “find peace” thing? The Saint kills Fiore onstage – he’s the only one we know of that can kill an angel for real. The audience is pissed when he doesn’t come back to life and boos repeatedly instead of like, worrying that a man died. People suck! No wonder God left!

As for our fearless trio? Well. they know God likes jazz so they’re headed to – where else? – New Orleans. Sorry Tulip, looks like you’re going to see Viktor after all.

Highlight of the episode: Cassidy’s explanation for the Saint of Killers

Alright, three possible explanations here for all of this. Number one: Terminator. Machine sent from the future to kill one of us. Number two: Terminator 2. Machine sent from the future to kill all three of us. Or number three: it’s Nazgûl, Fell Riders. Lord of the Rings. Brilliant film.


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