Preacher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Damsels

Last week’s two episodes were pretty full throttle, so this week’s slow down feels more like we came to a screeching halt.

The trio arrives in New Orleans, reluctantly on Tulip’s part. They immediately head out in search of God at any and every jazz bar the city has – there are 187, according to Jesse, and he plans to visit them all. They enter the first bar announced they’re looking for God and are lead into a back room with a woman and a man dressed as a dog. Fun starts at $12,000. Not exactly what we’re looking for (although Cassidy was willing to give it a shot).

Tulip announces she’s not feeling well and takes off. She’s clearly worried about Viktor tracking her down and has her hood up at all times, but still a random woman recognizes her. Cassidy tags along with Tulip and says instead of a motel, they’re staying with his good friend Dennis.

Jesse heads to a few jazz bars and gets mostly laughed at before someone points him in the direction of a jazz singer across town. Sidebar: what time is it? It’s night when they arrive in New Orleans, still night as Jesse stumbles through half a dozen bars including one that’s closing, yet the jazz singer is still in the middle of her set? I think it’s actually night throughout this whole episode. Does the sun not shine in Lousiana?


Jesse meets the jazz singer, a beautiful blonde woman named Lara. She seems to have information about God and tells Jesse to meet her outside the club. She gets into a cab and seems to speed away, but instead it crashes into a van and men in all white attempt to kidnap her. Jesse uses Genesis to stop them and then has a relatively clumsy fight scene with about five guys — no offense, I know fight choreography is hard and I’m sure Dominic Cooper did his best, but it was no John Wick. He frees Lara and heads back to her place.


Cassidy arrives at Dennis’ house, except Dennis is ‘Denis,’ only speaks French and barely seems to know who Cassidy is. Regardless, he lets Cassidy and Tulip in. Cassidy and Dennis’ relationship is never explained. Tulip is still acting shifty and Cassidy calls her out for not telling him what’s going on: he helped her dispose of a body and has proven himself pretty trustworthy and resourceful. Tulip tells him nothing (that we know of).

Lara starts packing her apartment and her baby, telling Jesse that a “super-secret crypto-religious fascist organization with designs on total world domination” was after her. She knew a guy who said God was missing and then these men in white tracked him down and killed him, and now they’re after her. She asks Jesse how he stopped them and, after some prodding, he explains Genesis. She tries to kiss him to get him to demonstrate and he uses Genesis to make her stop. Sidebar part two: Jesse is dumb? This woman is a stranger and was just attacked by religious weirdos and you are, most likely, a religious weirdo and you think she really wants to kiss you?

Tulip tries to call Jesse but they just argue, so she leaves to get cigarettes at a local laundromat. As she’s putting quarters into the machine, a car full of men pull up and order everyone out, then slowly file in behind her while she nonchalantly buys her cigarettes. The guys call Viktor and confirm they have Tulip.

Lara takes off and Jesse goes back to another jazz bar to learn that God’s favourite jazz tune is about the end of the world. Foreboding. Speaking of foreboding, Lara is actually an agent in that secret cult group and was working undercover to find out if Jesse had Genesis.  She passes his file along to a higher up named Herr Starr — a major villain from the comics.


The episode also checks back in with our friend Eugene, who is stuck in hell. In the opening, Eugene relives how he became ‘arseface’ and it’s more tragic than the story many townsfolk believed. Eugene was friends with Tracy who wanted to kill herself and left a dramatic suicide note (highlights include “don’t let my little brothers in my room” and “to my ex-boyfriend, here’s a list of all the men I had sex with so you can be jealus forever.”). Eugene talks her out of it and burns the note and then tries to put the moves on her, because teen boys are idiots. She just tried to kill herself! She’s in the middle of a psycotic break! She doesn’t want to kiss you, Eugene! She rejects him and then grabs the shotgun and blows the top of her head off, leaving her braindead. Her mom comes home and Eugene, freaking out, grabs the gun to kill himself too, only it doesn’t go off properly and now he’s Arseface. As we saw with the Saint of Killers, Hell is all about reliving those moments forever and Eugene cycles through the moments of that day a few times before getting interrupted, and we see that Hell is a prison and Hitler is in the next cell over. Sorry about that Eugene. Not sure how “kid who tried to commit suicide” ended up in the same wing as genocidal world leaders, but maybe all sins are equal down there.

Anyway, that was that. The episode felt a little slow and disjointed and like we didn’t really get anywhere — Jesse learned almost nothing about the cult and didn’t seem to mind, Tulip wouldn’t open up about Viktor and Cassidy did literally nothing (except rock a glittery woman’s tee with a butterfly on it). Hopefully this is the weakest episode of the season and we can get back to more interesting stuff.



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