NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened July 1 – 7

Brief hiatus due to moving/Canada Day, but I’m back!

Preacher is back
It’s back, and I’m recapping it! I watched season one thinking the show had potential and strong horror-comedy vibes, but hasn’t quite found its groove yet. Season two is off to a pretty strong start so I’m happy so far! All the screentime to Cassidy, please.


John Carpenter’s making the move to TV
The more horror on TV, the better! John Carpenter is apparently working on two series: “Tales for a Halloween Night,” an anthology based on his graphic novel, and “Nightside,” another book adaption about mysterious creatures of the night congregating in London. Aside from the titles and loglines, there’s not much info known yet, so I’ll definitely be following this one.

An exorcism documentary from the guy who made The Exorcist
Do I need to say more? William Friedkin’s doc “THE DEVIL AND FATHER AMORTH” follows a top exorcist from the Vatican as he performed a real exorcism. Freidkin tweeted that the film is done but no release date yet.

Who’s playing Batgirl?
An obviously fake Batgirl cast list leaked and I’m not even going to delve into how wrong and bad it is (Bell Thorne? Emma Roberts? Yikes), but hopefully we’ll get a real announcement soon.

Spider-Man #5 (or is it #6?)
There is a new Spider-Man movie and apparently is it very good. I am as interested in this as I was for the last five Spider-Man movies, which is not very.

What the heck is “post-horror,” anyway? The Guardian did a big write-up about the ‘post-horror’ films coming out of A24 (The Witch, It Comes at Night) and pretty much every horror fan freaked out. It was a thinly veiled way of saying “horror, but smart” which is both condescending and wrong. Why can’t horror fans be the ones to write about horror?


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