Preacher Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Viktor

The plot has definitely slowed down, but the entertainment hasn’t. A solid episode, ranking much higher in my books than last week.

Where we left off: Jesse was looking for clues in New Orleans jazz bars, Tulip was taken by Viktor’s crew, Cassidy was worried about Tulip and Eugene was in hell. This week, we’re pretty much exactly there again.

Tulip is captured by Viktor’s men and taken to a luxurious mansion somewhere in New Orleans. She’s set to wait in an office where she can hear the screams of a man being tortured outside. The mysterious Viktor emerges and he and Tulip stare each other down.

Jesse has made it to Dennis’ place and tells Cassidy about his run-in with the cult. Cassidy isn’t impressed with the religious cult in all white (“sounds fake”) and was more excited when he thought there were lizard people involved. He tries to get Jesse worried about Tulip, but Jesse thinks she’s just mad and avoiding him. He wants a quick rest and then to head back out and check out the next 135 jazz clubs for clues.

Meanwhile, Eugene is in hell. Hell is kind of like a maximum security prison, but right now the doors are open and the guards haven’t noticed. Various prisoners are gathered in the corridor, including Hitler, a gypsy woman, a complete douchebag and Eugene. The douchebag starts picking on the elderly woman, and then Eugene, and Hitler comes to his defense. Hitler’s kind of a nice guy? For hell, anyway. They scramble back into their rooms when a guard starts coming, but Eugene’s door is still locked. Hitler invites him into his cell instead and Eugen gets to witness Hitler’s worst memory: well, part of it anyway. It’s 1919 in Berlin and Hitler is on a dinner date in a cafe. A Jewish man bumps into him and Hitler stares uncomfortably before turning friendly and polite again. There’s an art dealer also dining in the cafe, and his date suggests Hitler show him some drawings. We all know where this is going, but we don’t get there. The memory equipment breaks again and Eugene is taken back to his own cell.


Tulip is crying and begging Viktor for forgiveness, but he’s not having it. He’s not too mad at her though because he leaves her to her own devices to wander the mansion. She tries to make amends with all the various goons on site but they ignore her. She even tries to be nice to Viktor’s young daughter who spits in Tulip’s face and says she hopes her dad kills her. Nice kid.

Cassidy’s lazy TV watching has paid off once again – first he saw the Amazing Ganesh, now he’s found the man who played God in the church acting in an infomercial with Frankie Munez. Frankie Munez! He and Jesse try to track down the actor via a New Orleans casting agent who’s uncooperative until Cassidy tells him it’s for a recurring part on Game of Thrones. It’s a funny bit where they negotiate the non-existent role (“even Dinklage flies Business”) but ultimately the agent can’t help: the actor has been missing ever since he booked the God gig and all he’s got is an unwatched audition tape. Jesse and Cassidy watch the audition tape and see the actor is shot at the very end — how else would he get to heaven?


Tulip is fed up. She tried to break into a weapons room for a gun but is caught by a goon, who she fights and steals a gun from. She heads to Viktor’s room and demands he let her go or she’ll kill him, but she doesn’t pull the trigger. More goons come in and take her hostage.

Back in hell, Eugene got a talking to from the guards about being too nice and is now dismissed to the lunch room. He and Hitler make small talk and Eugene comments that he doesn’t seem bad anymore. Then the douchebag comes to bully Eugene again and Hitler intervenes. They all start piling on Hitler and Eugene stops them, seemingly to come to Hitler’s aid, but remembers what the guard said and also starts beating the crap out of Hitler. It’s a little weird.

Cassidy has finally cracked and told Jesse Tulip’s in trouble. All day he kept dropping hints, asking if they should check on her and all day Jesse shrugged it off. Finally, Cassidy had enough and now Jesse is ready to spring into action.


Jesse quickly power walks through the mansion, using Genesis to stop the goons from even looking up or following him until he hits the torture chamber. The torturer has his iPod headphones on blaring ‘Uptown Girl’ and misses all of Jesse’s commands, so the pair just fight with more and more ridiculous weapons: a sledgehammer, a dismembered arm, you know the drill. It’s one of the better action sequences of the show so far, definitely up there with the chainsaw church fight from season one.

Eventually, Jesse wins and heads to the next room where Tulip and Viktor are talking. Jesse grabs Viktor, ready to kill, when Tulip drops a bombshell: he’s her husband. Wait, what?

So it’s a fun episode for sure (especially that fight scene, oh my god) and some stuff I’m sure we’ll build more on (like Hitler?) even if the plot progressions were minor.



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