NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened July 8 – 16

I don’t normally do over a week, but I wanted to push things to Sunday to make sure I’d include…

The New Doctor
Doctor Who is a woman! It’s Jodie Whittaker! If you’re not familiar, do yourself a favour and watch Attack the Block, one of the best sci-fi movies of the decade. Also, Attack the Block has now given us the Doctor in Jodie and a Star Wars hero John Boyega — is there nothing that movie can’t do?

Tarantino is doing a Charles Manson movie
This week the internet’s ‘hot take’ topic of choice is the announcement that Quentin Tarantino’s next film will be based on the Manson murders. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are in talks, with Margot Robbie allegedly set to play Sharon Tate. Everyone has an opinion on this, and so do I: I think it could be really cool and interesting even if that cast sounds… not ideal so far. But it’s too early to know anything, so I’ll give it a shot!

New Black Panther pics

Black Panther covered Entertainment Weekly and the cast looks good. The costumes are colourful, there’s some action teased, everything looks amazing. I haven’t been this excited for a Marvel movie in years.

Emmy nominations
The Emmy nominations came out and the only quibble I have is Sherlock. I used to be a massive Sherlock fan but that show went downhill fast and is now absolutely dreadful. This past season had Bourne Ultimatum style spy-action, a Saw-esque serial killer game, overacting, overwrought drama, unbearable ‘plot twists’ and so on. It’s convoluted trash and not worthy of any praise whatsoever. Maybe the Emmys accidentally rewatched season two and nominated that?

Aladdin casting

There were rumours this week that Disney was having trouble casting the Aladdin movie, specifically finding a South Asian or Middle Eastern man who could sing and actor to play the lead. Pretty much everyone lost their shit (Bollywood????) and the whole thing turned out to be a red herring anyway – they have a cast, announced it at D23 and it’s underwhelming. I knew it would never be Riz Ahmed but a girl could dream, right?

Nelsan Ellis
Finally, RIP to True Blood’s Lafayette. The best part of that show and a truly talented character actor gone too soon.


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