Preacher Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Dallas

You might argue that this week’s episode of Preacher was filler, and you might be right, but it didn’t feel like filler. We got backstory on Jesse and Tulip, potentially interesting character development for Cassidy and a visit from the Saint of Killers. All in all, a good episode.

Last week, Jesse was ready to kill Viktor before finding out that he’s Tulip’s husband. This week, Jesse is definitely going to kill Viktor know that he knows he’s Tulip’s husband. Jesse’s gone real violent here, ignoring Tulip’s protests and dragging Viktor into the torture room to hang him up. Tulip tries to grab Jesse and he uses Genesis on her to send her away. Jesse’s being a real dick, to be honest.

Before he sends Tulip away, she reminds him their breakup was his fault: “Remember Dallas?” Well, now we’re treated to a flashback to Jesse and Tulip’s time together in Dallas, shortly after the Carlos job where Tulip lost her baby.


The two seem to be trying to live an honest life now, Tulip wears business attire and works with a real estate agent while Jesse allegedly bartends, but all we see him do is drink, mope, hang out with their stoner friend, and try to get Tulip pregnant again with the most depressing, lacklustre sex imaginable. Rinse, repeat. It’s pretty bleak.

Back in the present, Tulip has brought Viktor’s daughter back to Dennis’s place to hide out. She’s furious that Cassidy told Jesse, and Cassidy’s defence is noble: she said her mobster ex-husband was mad at her and then disappeared, of course he thought she was in danger! Tulip’s smart, though, and has already picked up on Cassidy’s crush on her, basically accusing him of telling Jesse as an attempt to break them up. Cassidy says he’s going to set things right and goes to Jesse.

But maybe Cassidy really did tell Jesse to help break them up. When he visits Jesse at Viktor’s house, Jesse wonders why he should trust Cassidy. Cassidy agrees – he’s never claimed to be a good guy, always says he’s a bastard who’s “greedy, selfish, destructive, jealous,” etc., but no one believes him. He tells Jesse that if it were him, he’d kill the guy for touching his girl, and would totally understand if Jesse did the same. It’s a small nudge, hoping that Jesse will take the reassurance that Tulip will still love him, and go upstairs to kill Viktor. Then Cassidy heads back home to Tulip. It’s a subtle but important character not for Cassidy: he’s not a nice guy, and is willing to go to the dark side to get what he wants. Jesse doesn’t realise it yet, but Cassidy might not be the ally he thought he was.


Back in flashback Dallas, Jesse sees a bit of a bag peeking out from a vent. He opens it and finds Tulip’s stash of money, meaning she’s back to the criminal life, and more damningly, birth control pills. He explodes at her and she explodes right back: this isn’t the life they signed up for, she wants things to go back to the way they were before the miscarriage and Jesse’s self-destructive depression. Jesse decides to head back to Annville and become a preacher. Tulip stays in her life of crime, picking up a new job with a mobster in New Orleans.

Of course, Jesse doesn’t kill Viktor. I don’t know if we really thought he would. He gets him to sign divorce papers instead.

One thing worth noting: Viktor told Jesse Tulip married him because Jesse was an asshole and Viktor was nice to her. In another flashback, we see that it’s true: Viktor flirts with Tulip as they play Monopoly and showers her with affection, that she barely returns. Then she gets the phone call (“You found Carlos?”) and slips out of Viktor’s life in an instant. I guess her mind was always elsewhere.

The Saint of Killers made it to Viktor’s mansion and lays waste to everyone there, including Viktor (so much for sparing him). The only survivor? Viktor’s young daughter, who knows exactly where the preacher’s hideout is.



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