NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened July 17 – 23

There’s a lot happening this week, mostly thanks to Comic Con going down this weekend! I’m not there of course, living in Canada and all, but watching the trailers drop online approximately 30 seconds after they play Hall H isn’t so bad.

Justice League news

We got a new trailer at Comic Con, and they’re still playing up the “Superman’s dead and not in this movie” angle? Honestly, it’s so dumb. Everyone wants to see the League together, we know he’s coming back (and his death was pointless anyway) so let’s just get him in the promo and get people hyped.

Batfleck’s out?
Rumours were swirling heading up to SDCC that Ben Affleck was going to be kicked out of the Batman role. The official word was that he’s too old and out of shape, but let’s be real, Warner Brother’s is just worried because he’s a hot drunk mess now. He was always meant to be an older, coming out of retirement Batman, but he wasn’t supposed to be sloppy and sweaty and on the tabloid covers every week. Ben says he’s still in as Batman and I beleive it, just not sure we’ll see a standalone any time soon.

Captain Marvel is set in the 90s
Captain Marvel is finally joing the MCU! Her standalone movie, starring Brie Larson, was initally pushed back so that Spider-Man could join the fun first. Clearly we needed the 5th Spider-Man movie ASAP and the MCU’s first female hero could wait. (And first black hero! Black Panther was also pushed back to accommodate). Anyway, details are starting to emerge, including the fact that it’s set in the 90s and Nick Fury appears, sans eyepatch, as her mentor. I’m not exactly sure why it’s set in the 90s, if I’m being honest? It just makes it all the more strange that she’s literally never been mentioned until now, especially by Nick/Shield/Hydra.

medusa-marvel-inhumans-abc-hair-headerInhumans looks awful
Speaking of Marvel, they’ve shown footage for the new show Inhumans and it looks absolutely terrible. I hope Iwan Rheon can get on a new show quickly after this one is cancelled.

American Horror Story: Cult
YESSSSS the new theme for American Horror Story is cult! We all know this season is election-related, so I think it’s going to be some creepy Illuminati type cult. Here’s the mini teaser:


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