Preacher Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Sokosha

I don’t have cable anymore so I’m stuck trying to watch Preacher online, and this week I had that moment like “did I click on the right show?”

Our cold open introduces a new character and storyline right off the bat, which is what threw me for such a loop. A poor black couple is meeting with an Asian businessman about a mysterious medical procedure: they’ll get $150,000, and “won’t even miss” whatever it is they’re giving up. The businessman pressures the man to give 15% instead of 10% and they get to it. It looks like drawing blood or bone marrow and the businessman leaves with a small vial of something.

He heads across town to a mansion and greets an older man and his half-dressed wife who clearly has Alzheimer’s. She receives the vial and somehow it cures her? Her husband pays the businessman $2.7 million and he’s on his way. The intro kicks in and I’m reassured this is definitely Preacher.


Tulip is cooking pancakes for Jesse and Cassidy in one of my favourite recurring gags, ‘Tulip can’t cook.” She tried to do a roast with coca cola one week I think? And now she’s serving up pancakes that are basically just vessels for marshmallows and candy. (Marshmallows on pancakes?). The three bicker about the next step in the hunt for God (Cassidy suggests looking for a serial number on the gun in the video and tracking down the owner CSI-style, which actually isn’t bad for a Cassidy idea) while remaining totally oblivious to the fact that Viktor’s daughter is leading the Saint of Killers to the building.

The trio make it out in the knick of time and decided they need to research the Saint and defeat him. To the library! We the audience already know his backstory from season one, but the trio have to learn it all in a library montage that consists of books on tape, newspaper articles, slideshows, comic books and cheesy romance novels. It’s great.


What’s not great is that Cassidy forgot to warn Dennis about the murderous cowboy in the apartment, so Jesse runs back to confront the Saint. He tells the Saint that he knows what he wants (a soul so he can enter heaven) and that God is dead, so Jesse’s his only chance to get it. The Saint gives him one hour, and he’s keeping Cassidy, Tulip and Dennis as collateral.

Jesse apparently knows how to get a soul! He walks into a voodoo shop and gets down to business. Problem is, the numerous voodoo shops that “Jesse L’Angelle” is so familiar with are going out of business thanks to this Japanese soul company. Now the intro makes sense! They figured out an easy way to extract the souls and are turning a profit, making the old school mom and pop soul-sellers obsolete. Gentrification!

Jesse chases down an armored truck from the Japanese company, whose name roughly translates to “Happy Soul Go Go,” and tries to break in. Over the phone Tulip gives him advice on how to break into an armored truck, which I also love. She just starts listing off what he needs! His makeshift bomb fails (how long was that truck parked there?) so Jesse uses good old Genesis to get the truck, via a police officer. Unfortunately, they don’t have a match for the Saint of Killers and, like organ donors, souls need to be a match. Jesse offers up a lock of his own hair to be tested and boom, he’s a match.


Jesse heads back to Dennis’ apartment and offers the Saint of Killers 1% of his soul. The Saint takes it and awaits his trip to heaven, only to find out he’s now at the mercy of Genesis. His lack of soul is what made him immune, and now he’s just like everyone else. Jesse takes him back into the armored car and sinks it to the bottom of a swamp. Bye bye, Saint of Killers!

Side note: We finally got the reveal of Cassidy and Dennis’ backstory! Dennis is Cassidy’s son, which is just so tragic. Cassidy doesn’t remember his kids’ name (it’s Denis, not Dennis) and never learned a word of French. But clearly Cassidy feels something for his son as he tries to tie his shoes, take care of him when the Saint is holding them hostage, and then buys him a new TV and PS4. Better than nothing, I guess?



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