NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened July 24 – 30

Slow week for horror/sci-fi news, no? Must be a natural slowdown after SDCC, but it still feels like there wasn’t too much to get excited about.

More on American Horror Story

Get it? It’s a hive mind, with a literal beehive. We’ve had a lot of promos and teasers drop early for this season with a lot of information (cast photos! it’s about the election!) out there already. It’s a big difference from last season (Roanoke) where we didn’t even get a title until the episode aired, and basically no one knew what it would be about. Famously I adored Roanoke (minus the last episode or two), so I’m not sure if this different approach will bode well or not for me. Guess I’ll find out in September!

A remake I’m not interested in seeing, part one

There’s apparently a remake of Little Shop of Horrors on the horizon, and the cast will reportedly include Josh Gad and Rebel Wilson. So far I’m a hard pass on this one.

A remake I’m not interested in seeing, part two

There’s a new trailer for IT. This movie makes me feel quite out of step with the horror community because there’s a lot of love and I’m not excited for it at all. I saw the original when I was far too young and now have a lifelong fear of clowns (thank you to Stephen King, Tim Curry and my older brother all for their input on that one) but Pennywise here just doesn’t look… scary? If someone who gets heart palpitations driving past a circus is completely unfazed by your scary clown, you messed up.

I might still end up seeing this one and who knows, it might completely terrify me! But so far it’s a big meh.

Go see Atomic Blonde

If you haven’t caught Atomic Blonde yet, you absolutely should. It’s fun, non-stop action starring the incredible Charlize Theron with a kickass soundtrack and James McAvoy as a scummy Englishman. What more could you possibly need? I’m blaring 80s music on repeat in tribute to this fantastic film.


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