Preacher Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Holes

Well, this is a little late. But it was a good episode and there’s lots I want to discuss!

First off, we’re back in Hell! We haven’t checked in on Eugene in a while, and things have changed for him: namely, he’s ripped and has joined a Hell/prison gang (or at least is following around the big dog). Their cells are still shut down and the group is forced to room together in a common room with a deflated basketball and out of order vending machine. Hell! Also, if you’re nice, you get in trouble — a fellow inmate picks up someone’s pen and is dragged out kicking and screaming.

That’s not good for Eugene, who is genuinely nice but trying to hide it from everyone. The Hell warden reveals that the reason their cells are broken is because someone is in Hell who shouldn’t be. Eugene hesitates before deciding against raising his hand, but Hitler notices. The other inmates all claim they’re the ones who don’t belong, and we learn what some of them are in for: a 50s woman killed her kids because they wouldn’t leave her alone, and the alpha douche is a serial rapist. Hitler asks Eugene what he’s in for, and Eugene continues his tough front that he’s seriously evil. When pressed for information, there’s not much Eugene can really say. He feels guilty but he didn’t really do anything evil, just dumb. Hitler then proves Eugene is really nice by tripping someone and letting Eugene help them up. The warden comes and Eugene’s taken to the hole.

Hell’s whole thing is making you watch your worst memory over and over, but the hole makes it worse by twisting the memory. Instead of his failed flirtation turning into a suicide attempt, it becomes everything he ever wanted: Tracey likes him back, they kiss, they sing Semisonic’s Closing Time for some reason. And now, the twist: they can’t be togetther because she’s dating Jesse. Jesse and Tracy start making out in front of Eugene and Tracey gives him a handjob while a horrified Eugene can’t look away. Yikes. Out of the hole and back in the common room, Hitler tells Eugene he did that for a reason. He wanted Eugene to see how bad it really was in hell so he would understand they have to break out. So now Eugene, a decent kid, is going to help Hitler, literally Hitler, escape from hell. Yikes times two.

Back on earth, the trio is operating at different speeds. Jesse, completely out of touch with his friends, is still trying to track down God. He’s going to follow Cassidy’s idea of enhancing the video to find the serial number on the gun, not noticing or caring that Cassidy is distracted by Denis dying and Tulip is distracted by her PTSD from the Saint.

Jesse heads to the equivalent of Best Buy to get the Geek Squad, I mean the Dork Docs, to help him out. They enhance and find the numbers have been scratched out, and a last ditch attempt to find a face in the reflection is just a coffee pot. Jesse’s frustrated and tells them to destory the DVD, missing the obvious clue printed on it (also playing on every TV here, sigh).

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 12.57.40 AM.png

Tulip decides to get rid of all signs the Saint was ever in the apartment. She buys a new fridge and starts plastering the walls where his bullet went through. She heads down the hall, going into every bloody crime scene apartment to patch up. At the end of the hall however is the Grail’s survelliance room and Lara Featherstone has to pull a quick change to try and trick Tulip. She pretends to be ‘Jenny,’  a southern girl hiding out from an abusive ex. Tulip tries to connect with her and something seems amiss, but they make plans to go get shot at the Hurt Locker sometime. Unconventional for sure, but glad Tulip’s meeting people other than Jesse! Speaking of, do she and Jesse talk anymore? Cassidy asks her about her nightmares but Jesse seems oblivious to why she’s distant and moody. Or has his singleminded focus to finding God just made him completely ignore his friends?


Cassidy’s also struggling. We see a flashback to Denis’ birth in 1946, where a proud Cassidy serenades him with a song about Charlotte the harlot, and promises to be a good dad. Well, we know that hasn’t really worked out. In the present, he’s using a translation app to talk to Denis, whose health has taken a turn for the worse. He’s coughing up blood and struggling to breathe and begging Cassidy to turn him into a vampire. (Would that just make him sick for eternity though? Would vampirism cure his illness?) Cassidy debates the pros and cons of being a vampire to Tulip (pros: he doesn’t die. cons: he doesn’t die, but everyone around his does) and name drops a brother, Seamus, who he calls later in the episode. He also uses his first name with his brother (Proinslas, which is not pronounced how it looks). I really want to meet Seamus! Seamus thinks turning Denis (who he didn’t even know about, not a close family it seems) is a bad idea. Cassidy goes to sing that Charlotte the Harlot lullaby to Denis again, and the episode ends before we see if Cassidy goes through with it or not.


Personally, I think Cassidy is going to kill Denis, put him out of his misery, but not turn him. It’s kind of the only option here!

Also we got a hint of Cassidy’s backstory this episode, but I’d love to see more. What happened between him promising to be a good father and him basically never seeing Denis? Who is Denis’ mother? How come he never sees Seamus? Give me more!


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