Preacher Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Damsels

Last week’s two episodes were pretty full throttle, so this week’s slow down feels more like we came to a screeching halt.

The trio arrives in New Orleans, reluctantly on Tulip’s part. They immediately head out in search of God at any and every jazz bar the city has – there are 187, according to Jesse, and he plans to visit them all. They enter the first bar announced they’re looking for God and are lead into a back room with a woman and a man dressed as a dog. Fun starts at $12,000. Not exactly what we’re looking for (although Cassidy was willing to give it a shot).

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Preacher Season 2 Episode 1&2 Recap

Preacher is back! I never wrote about this show during its first season but FYI, I liked it. It’s not quite “best ever” material yet, but the combination of gore, violence and that grimy 90s comic aesthetic plus slapstick comedy in the style of Sam Raimi make it something I’m definitely into. Season two started this week and I’m excited to see what’s in store.

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NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened June 17 – 24

This week was a little TV heavy in my world, which is surprising considering how little TV I’m watching these days! But a few new shows are coming onto my radar that I might be tempted to check out.

But first,

What’s going on with the Han Solo movie?
I have never been interested in a Han Solo spin-off film for a multitude of reasons. Ranging from “I don’t care about what he did before Star Wars” to “why is this whole franchise just about the same five people.” Directors Miller & Lord are great and all, but it still wasn’t enough to get me excited, or even really interested. Now, they’ve left the film dramatically after fighting with the studio and are being replaced mid-shoot with Ron Howard. Howard’s a fine director and hopefully he can stitch something together, but yikes. All this is actually making me curious to see how the Han Solo film turns out, but not in a good way.

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Nerdy News: Cool things that happened June 10 – 17

Lots of interesting movie news happened this week, which helped make up for (or at least distract from) the very sad real life news.

American Horror Story Halloween maze

YASSSS. Universal Studios in Hollywood does extreme haunted mazes for Halloween, and this year they’re doing it all American Horror Story: Roanoke themed. As a major Roanoke fan (best season yet, even if the finale was a let down), this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Think I can organize an October trip to California? Anyone interested?

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NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened June 3 – 9

Week two of me recapping sci-fi/horror goings-on, and week two of that including an update on Evan Peter’s hair. But first,

Black Panther looks incredible

Black Panther is coming! This has probably the most stacked cast of any Marvel movie (Chadwick Boseman Lupita Nyong’o Michael B Jordan Danai Gurira Forest Whittaker Angela Basset etc etc etc) and a great director behind it (Ryan Coogler), so I’ve been hyped for a while. The trailer is definitely not what I had been expecting — it’s so colourful! And sci-fi! — but I’m into it. It looks like the crazy, colourful, futuristic vibe of Guardians and Thor: Ragnorak is the new vibe of the MCU, and it’s a welcome one. Black Panther looks rad so far, I’m into it.

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NERDY NEWS: Cool things that happened May 27 – June 2

John Oliver and Samantha Bee keep you up to date with all the news of the week, but what about the real news? The important stuff? The news that matters? Like, what horror movies got release dates? That’s what I’m about now.

Wonder Woman is here and I  need to see it

Unlike the rest of the planet (it seems), I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet. But those who have are raving. Apparently this is the best DC movie by far (not saying too much, really) and one of the better comic movies to come out, period. The Rotten Tomatoes score is one of the genre’s highest (again, not saying too much) and Petty Jenkins is already signed on for the sequel. It’d be great if she had been given the reigns of Justice League, too, but with her and Joss the new leaders of the DCEU, I can’t really complain much.

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Final Girls

I learned about strong women from horror movies. Yes, the same movies that rejoiced in half naked co-eds getting stabbed, killed anyone who had sex, and made any excuse to get a beautiful young actress to take her top off.

The 1992 book Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gender in Modern Horror Film first introduced us to the concept of the Final Girl, the horror movie heroine, but I would discover her long before I had to read this book in my high school film class. I loved horror and devoured scary movies, books, and TV shows every chance I got. My older brother and I were given free reign on what media we could consume and as a result spent most of our time picking out anything that looked gory or cool from our local Blockbuster. As an impressionable young girl, I was watching things like Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Black Christmas and Scream and learning that women in movies, and women in real life, could be smart, compassionate, complicated and triumphant.

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