Final Girls

I learned about strong women from horror movies. Yes, the same movies that rejoiced in half naked co-eds getting stabbed, killed anyone who had sex, and made any excuse to get a beautiful young actress to take her top off.

The 1992 book Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gender in Modern Horror Film first introduced us to the concept of the Final Girl, the horror movie heroine, but I would discover her long before I had to read this book in my high school film class. I loved horror and devoured scary movies, books, and TV shows every chance I got. My older brother and I were given free reign on what media we could consume and as a result spent most of our time picking out anything that looked gory or cool from our local Blockbuster. As an impressionable young girl, I was watching things like Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Black Christmas and Scream and learning that women in movies, and women in real life, could be smart, compassionate, complicated and triumphant.

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Scream Queens Season Two Recap: Lovin the D

It’s the second last episode of Scream Queens, but where are we going to go from here? We know all the Green Meanies, as per last week, and we know the Chanels aren’t going to die. So what’s going to happen next week?

I guess we should cover what happened this week first. The three Green Meanies and the three Chanels play a game of cat and mouse at the hospital, with the girls splitting up and finding a Green Meanie at every turn. Cassidy manages to take out another Green Meanie and save Chanel #3, letting the girls all escape. The three Green Meanies start to bicker about who gets to kill who when Hester pops up and suggests a Green Meanie summit.

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10 Horror Movies to Watch This Christmas

Sure, you can settle in and watch Love Actually, or relive your childhood with Home Alone, but wouldn’t you rather have a little blood and gore to go with your eggnog? While Halloween is the go-to holiday for horror fans, there are still plenty who find the dark and spooky in the Christmas season. I mean, Santa is pretty creepy. ‘Tis the season for these 10 Christmas-themed horror movies.

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‘Under The Shadow’ Review: War, Feminism and the Supernatural

Under the Shadow is one of the rare films that piques interest in both hardcore cinephiles and horror enthusiasts. The former are intrigued by how it’s been submitted to the Oscars in the foreign film category for the UK, while the latter are intrigued by its comparisons to The Babadook. Both groups should find something interesting in Under the Shadow, film that weaves politics, history, motherhood and the supernatural into a unique, spine-chilling film.

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